Monday, November 10, 2014

How we told our family we were FINALLY expecting!

I was 8 weeks pregnant when we decided to tell my family.  Before we get started you may all be wondering why we told our family so early? Or that we are crazy for telling everyone so early in case there was the chance of losing it.  While yes most people wait, we decided that it was our decision to tell our family early.  We have been trying for 4 1/2 years and have had some struggles so when we were finally reading a positive test I knew that I couldn't hold it in anymore and I wanted to tell my family so I could talk to people about the pregnancy and the symptoms I was feeling and if they were normal symptoms or not.  It eased my anxiety self by just telling people so I could converse since it was my first one and I am terrified of loosing it.  So now that we have that out of the way here is out we told Derek's family.

We wanted to get everyone together but didn't want it to seem out of the normal because then they might be thinking that we had some big news.  Derek's parents live in a town home community and have a community pool, it was almost the end of the season right before they closed it for the winter so we decided to say that we wanted to do an end of season pool party before it closes.  They all agreed except for two of Derek's sisters, one had a sick family, and the other lives in Las Vegas.  We racked our brains of how to tell everyone in a cool way that had to do with the pool.  We were browsing at our local store and found the best idea ever!  We all showed up at Derek's parents, and his mom being the antsy one that we love wanted to get over to the pool before we had a chance to share it the way we wanted so we changed our plans.  We all went to the pool and waited for Derek's brothers family to show up.  Once they showed up Derek went and got our secret weapon.  We had found a cute little blow up floaty that Derek pulled out of the box and handed it to his mom, on the side of the pool, and said "Mom, can you blow this up for us?"  She then said, "I can try." Derek that said, "well you don't have to do it right away you have at least 9 months to do it and we will need it done before June 2015."  His mom just screamed and was so excited along with the rest of his family.  It was so exciting.  We took a picture of us with the floaty so that we could send it to the rest of his family that wasn't able to be there. 

When we sent it do Derek's family that wasn't able to be there we said, "we just wanted to let you know that there will be a new captain taking over this ship in June-ish 2015."

For my family we wanted to do it a different way since we couldn't show up in our swimsuits and a floaty.  We thought forever and ever about what to do.  We were hoping that we would have found out a couple weeks earlier when we did family pictures because then we were going to hold up a sign as the photographer took the picture and then have the photographer show them the picture.  But we didn't know so on to plan B.  For this one it was a pretty simple idea but a cute idea.  We purchased plain white shirts and wrote with a sharpie on them.  Then when we showed up at my parents house we had sweatshirts on and started talking about life and told them about us moving.  We said that "we decided that we kind of needed a different house that was bigger because we were going to be filling it a little bit sooner than we thought."  At that moment we unzipped our sweatshirts and unveiled our t-shirts. And here is what they said:

To say my family was shocked is an understatement! My mom did not believe that we were serious, but once they finally realized that we were serious they were super excited!!

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